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Qualified Charitable Distribution

If you are 70½ or older, your IRA can help to fulfill your charitable goals. You can use the "Make a Gift From My IRA" tool to contact your IRA custodian and make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD). We will acknowledge your generous gift(s) as a qualified charitable distribution, which may satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD), if applicable.


  • ​​Maximize your charitable impact. As opposed to receiving your RMD, paying the required income taxes and donating the rest to charity, a QCD allows you to maximize your charitable impact by donating the full RMD amount directly to a charity of your choice. A QCD can be a win-win for both the charitable organization and your bottom line.
  • No itemization necessary. Because QCDs are excluded from your taxable income, you may be able to realize the benefits of making charitable donations whether itemizing or using a standard deduction.
  • Make an even BIGGER impact at The Atlas Society! Our Board of Trustees are committed to matching all new and increased donor support. So if you are a new supporter of our work, or looking to increase your giving, your gift(s)will be MATCHED this year.

*Please contact your financial advisor to learn more about this giving opportunity.

Donor, John Inks & CEO, Jennifer Grossman

“I’m glad to be able to support The Atlas Society through this method of giving. I’m now at the stage in my retirement that I need to utilize my Required Minimum Distribution from my IRA and instead of getting taxed on part of it, I’m able to send it directly in support of the work I care about!” - John Inks

An in-depth explanation of how QCD’s work 

More information from the IRS 

More information from Fidelity

The Atlas Society is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, tax ID 13-3554791

*Please contact your financial advisor to learn more about this giving opportunity and if you have specific questions about your support at The Atlas Society, you can contact our Development Team at

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